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I have had toe nail fungus on 2 of my toes for about 20 years. I've tried everything from prescriptions to store nail fungus solutions.
I was at the nail salon one day getting a pedicure when the lady sitting next to me said her husband used to have toe nail fungus. She told me to use white vinegar on them, and it will kill it. So, like I always do I tried it.
Everyday after my shower I put the blow dryer to my foot for a few minutes to dry them as much as possible. Then would spray (put vinegar in a tiny spray bottle)a little vinegar on my toes and make it go underneath. After just a few days, underneath the toe nail turned white. I keep putting it on a couple of times a day for about 2 months now. The toe nails are about 3/4 of the way grown out. That is the farthest they have grown out without any fungus in years. It seems to me that the vinegar is finally the solution that I was looking for. I probably have about 3 weeks to a month left and it will be completely healed. Since Ive had the fungus for so long, I will probably keep using the vinegar just as a maintenance so it doesnt come back. I am convinced that they are finally going to look normal!

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Thanks for sharing!


Have been using the vinegar and mouthwash regimen for about a week. I filed my nails down but now have a VERY itchy rash around the nails where I filed. What is this and what gets rid of it? I have used itch creams and soaked it in salt water but nothing has helped!


I also have fungus in my toe nails , bought this bottle of fungus killer from the woman that does my pedicure but it is $15.00 for a very small bottle so now I am going to try one part white vinegar with two parts of warm water. i know a few people that have used this home remedie an has worked for them . I keep my nails very short. If using a nail file use it once as you can not use those card board files again as you can not clean them and the bacteria remains in it, so if using a card board file use and then discard it . You can use a metal file and then you can disinfect it and use it again. I will let you all know if this vinegar will work. I hope so as I don't like this though I don't have discolorastion just that it is thick between the nail and the skin.


I've got toenail fungus. I tried the laquer from my doc (for months) as the pills upset my stomach.

Laquer didn't work. Stopped using it.

Since then, I've been using a 50/50 vinegar/water soak twice a day for last two or three months. This does work. Athlete's foot disappeared after a few days. Toe nails have become white. One nail grown back without fungus. Another growing out. A third is more stubborn, but looking better.

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