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I was diagnosed with genital warts at 43. I kept feeling a tingling in my genitals that I had never felt before, and one night I took a look in a mirror and saw that my vulva was all white. The procedure my obgyn uses is the same procedure as a cervical biopsy, meaning she uses an electrified wire and cuts it all away. It was painful as hell. Before I went through all of that I read on the internet that you could treat the warts with apple cider vinegar, but there were no actual instructions to be found. When I was diagnosed, I asked my doctor if that would work, and she said maybe but it would have to be very strong apple cider vinegar. I googled it and found that Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is the strongest you could buy. I had the procedure, and without going in to detail I would advise anyone to avoid it at all costs. It is very painful, and they cut you and sexual relations will hurt you for a very long time afterwards. When my procedure was finished my doctor told me to go to CVS and get advil liquigels, and to take 5 of them immediately. She said you can take up to 8 at a time. About two weeks later the tingling feeling returned, and I went back to the doctor. My warts had returned and were growing faster than the first time. She did not have an appointment available for me to do the procedure again for three weeks. I figured I had nothing to lose. I bought big gauze pads, a big bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, and more Advil. I soaked the gauze pad in vinegar, applied it to the affected area as I was going to bed, and took a bunch of Advil. I did it every night. After a while it burned, and I took more Advil. I kept doing it every night, and about the 10th day it really really burned and sometime during the night I pulled the gauze pad out and threw it across the room. I was so sore I decided to let it heal. About a day or two after that, I took a mirror and a flashlight and I looked. Everything had turned chalky white. I touched it and it all started to fall away like grains of sand. I took a pad and rubbed all the white off until all that was left was pink skin. The itchy tingling feeling stopped. I went back to my doctor to have the procedure. I did not know how to tell her what I did. When she looked, she went and got a light. It was all gone. Afterwards, I told her what I did. She said she had never seen anyone heal themselves like that. She said it was a good thing because there is either the treatment I had or oral medication, and sometimes neither one works.

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Do you mind if I ask how big your warts were? I'm struggling with the itchy, tingly feeling (only on one side of labia). I tried ACV earlier today for about an hour and then tonight again. I could hardly keep it in place for 5 minutes and couldn't stand the pain so I removed it. My warts are hardly noticeable. So unnoticeable, that it took a biopsy of the irritated area for my doctor to tell me what the problem is! So I'm guessing that keeping the ACV on the area for too long will cause me to kill myself! Lol.

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