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Go buy a pack of goody powders and pour about half of one dose on the tooth thats bothering u and let it dissolve and it will take the pain away but the pain can return then u just repeat the process i used a 6 pack but ever since then ive not had an issue at all it will work garenteeeeeed....

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where do you get goodys powder?


online or adsa should sell it

jai m

amazon sell it


Walmart sales it


Got it at Walgreens. Taste terrible, but it does take the edge off within a few minutes. When the pain is so bad, and you are willing to do anything,the taste is a minor issue. I just opened one side of the packet and poured it around the gum of my tooth. Within 20 minutes the pain is dulled, and you don't feel like squeezing your head.


Pls what's goody powder?


Goody powder is ground up aspirin

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