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When I first found out I had genital warts, I broke down in tears. I'm 20 years old - I never thought I'd have to worry about something like this. But, that's life. So anyway, since everyone is sharing their story on here I figured I'd let you guys know how my home and doctor treatment is going so far:

When I first noticed the warts I thought they were bits of tissue stuck on my vagina/anus but they wouldn't come off when I scratched them. After having a panic attack thinking that it was herpes, I went to the doctor and he immediately told me I had GW. He put some acid on them that day and it burned like a mofo for 10-15 minutes.

The next day I noticed the warts were bright white and my skin was peeling off a little bit (it came off easy after I took a hot shower.)
After that the warts returned with a vengeance. They popped up even more around the entrance of my vagina. And I won't lie, it was terrifying and extremely frustrating to me.
Since this was not my first rodeo with warts caused by HPV (I had a plantar's wart on my foot last year) I decided to go with Apple cider vinegar since that had successfully destroyed the wart.

I was only able to use it for a couple days since the pain was so intense, but they seemed to be clearing up pretty well. I just dabbed a cotton ball in the ACV and put it directly on the wart and covered with a bandaid.

Now, I will say this once and I'll say it again: DO NOT HAVE ANY KIND OF SEXUAL CONTACT WHILE YOURE TREATING THESE.
My boyfriend had been out of state for two months when my GW had surfaced, and when he returned home we were so eager to get back into the groove that I let him finger me. (We did NOT have sex since we're not sure if he has HPV or not) This did NOT help my case. Just as the warts disappeared on the outside, they moved inside my vagina.

My doctor tried applying some of the acid to the warts on the inside, but he said since they're hard to reach that it's not guaranteed that they'll all be cleared. I'll be honest, this made me feel like a complete idiot and I made my situation that much worse.
Since this is the first night of me using ACV on the inside of my vagina, I'm not sure how it's going to turn out. I soaked a small piece of cotton in ACV and placed it inside and am probably going to leave it until I can't bare it anymore. If anyone has advice for intervaginal warts, please comment on this post. So far it burns pretty bad.

Also, on a side note: I've started taking vitamin C tablets and a every day vitamin to help boost my immune system. I also received the gardasil shot to help prevent future wart breakouts, per my doctors recommendation.

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I am in the same exact boat as you. It is awful. Good luck to you, and know that you are NOT alone.


i had a wart on my inner thigh size of a pea, it was frustrating so what i did i tied a around with a cotton for sewing very tightly and mixes ACV with Asprin which i put on cotton wool before i sleep. In the morning i will take the cotton wool off then repeat at night again . on the fourth day it felt itch and dry when i checked the cotton just fell off with the warr. i continued with the acv for a week to make sure its all gone. now i am treating my anal wart the same way

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