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Flat Iron the Hair!
First Day:NIX treatment to kill all the live bugs, then picked any eggs I could see (very difficult in blonde hair)
Second Day: Flat ironed my son's hair (he has long hair) at the highest setting. Any eggs that I could not see, and there was a lot, would pop when the iron went over them. High setting and iron will be amazed. I still picked them out just in case they didn't fry, but it located them all for me. This was key...killing all the eggs!
That evening, I slathered Olive oil w/ tea tree oil on his hair and made him soak in it for about 4 hours in attempt to suffocate any live bugs that NIX may not have killed since there are so many drug resistant bugs now.
Day 3-7: Looked daily for eggs and nits...found NOTHING! The Flat Iron was the miracle. Spend time and effort on this one step and it will save you weeks of agony.
Day 8: Did the 2nd NIX treatment simply as a precaution.
This is the second time my son has had lice and this is time is was easy (versus the first time that took me 6 weeks)

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