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I used to get horrid boils on my under arms when I was a kid.. and I switched deodorant to something that didn't have Aluminum zirconium in it, and they went away. I still have big scars from those nasty lil buggars, but at least they're gone. I used to get them between my legs as well, I was a really overweight kid, and once I lost the weight, the leg ones went away. I randomly get them on the top of my hoo-ha. but none have appeared until recently. id say at the beginning of the month, I saw one down there and im like 'well F.' so I used a warm compress before bed, and I woke up the next morning and it appeared to be going away. so I shaved the area clean just to make sure no ingrown hairs got in or near it. and I figured it would drain on its own. The past couple days, I've had 3 giant ones appear, and 2 small ones. what the literal F. they are SO painful! one drained on its own, and the others will NOT go away. I did a warm compress last night thinking it would help, and it did nothing. I stopped using anti bacterial soap, because I hear it was bad for your skin? but I cant stand the perfume scented frilly body soap, I feel like its not cleaning my body. after this painful outburst, I think i'll switch back. I cant believe I have 5, this is insane. I completely changed my diet back in January to really healthy, and ive kept with it. I guess diet has no impact on these things.. and I wear really loose clothes at work, so what could be causing them?! I'm going to try that ointment from rite aid y'all are saying, because im sick and tired of these damn things.

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Don't shave if there are boils there right now! My dermatologist said it actually irritates the skin more causing the spread of folliculitis. That's probably what you have. Change your underwear to those with cotton fabric. continue the warm compress application and hang on tight for a bumpy ride! Good luck!

Miss C

i suggest anyone who gets boils to use Hibiclens Antiseptic Skin Cleanser i have been getting boils forever im the only sibling who gets them my family said i got it from my grandfather who suffered from them as well, drinking a lot of sugar drinks like soda will make these lil monsters pop back up not drinking a lot of water will throw off your immune system drink plenty of water while having a boil im not big remedies because none of them worked for me my go to things i do is it with Hibiclens Antiseptic Skin Cleanser 2. do a hot compress for 20 mins 3. do a peroxide compress at night time 4. taking bc powder yes i know its gross but it thins your blood and helps with fever so get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water


Also go back to the antibacterial soap. To moisturize, there are prescription topicals or find a cream with antibiotic as well. Five is a lot, and get antibiotics if possible, it stops any new growth and helps heal as well. I feel for you. Trial and error is a huge part of dealing with this genetic skin disease. The home remedies do sooth. A slice of onion or a smashed garlic clove does help if you work and are on your feet all day, like me. Plus the hot milk and bread pultice works so well to sooth and soak up the bacteria and bring the boil to a head. Wrap it wit saran wrap around your body a couple times to avoid it from leaking. It is tricky but get used to it. I've found that first aid is important. Cover the boils while at work with gauze and some sort of ointment or home remedy. Depending on the area, you may have to get creative. Just cover it to avoid more bacteria spreading. I hope this helps.


Girl I feel your pain that's exac what happened to me I was overweight it was under my arms lost weight they moved down to my 'area' now because Ive had a baby the weight is back and there back under my arms


I've been dealing with a boil on my butt for the last week and I just woke up and found another on my back I'm going to do exactly what that lady said. I'm going to wrap my new one in tin foil,with milk, eggs, and sausage, with a side of OJ and a flap jack! That should help!


you might want to have your family doctor for herpes


If it's in your lady folds it might not be a boil.
Bartholins gland cyst is something I get, always in the same spot... It's from one of the ducts that makes you wet getting clogged. Take a bath as hot as you can stand, or put a really hot rag over it until the rag is room temp, then squeeze. It won't pop out, it forces the liquid back through and unclog it. Mine are always in between my labia on right side, sometimes they can get pretty big, like a marble.

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