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I have had so much sucess with this website. I've become a champ at curing simple colds, or uti's (which are such a pesk) however an odd thing that I recently experienced was vaginal odor. I found a comment (sorry for not giving the name, I can't remember) on here about going to target and getting a probiotic for the digestive tract for under ten dollars. I decided to try that and use apple cider vinegar (what can't apple cider vinegar cure...) as a wash. As promised by the posts I read, my odor was gone in a couple of days! I normally don't post or put myself out there like this but I really really hope this helps some women out! Ps. I think every woman needs to have some apple cider vinegar stored for all purposes!)

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Tnx for this information.. May i ask how much apple cider vinegar did you apply and is it diluted in how much amount of water.


pls, where can l get apple cider vinegar? l'm from Nigeria.


@BO.... At any Shoprite branch!


Apple cider vinegar definitely works!

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