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I had a lower molar removed 2 weeks ago MIT took two dentists more than an hour and they still couldn't remove the second root. Two days later (over the weekend, of course) dry socket pain began. It was severe, and I was taking co-coda mol 3 hourly and waking with pain several times a night for more meds.

A friend suggested oil of cloves and though I bought some I didn't use it until last night, when I began to Google about how to do it. I was nervous and so didn't stuff any gauze into the socket. Instead I simply soaked a Q-Tip in the oil (not mixed or diluted: the bottle doesn't say to dilute and does say for dental use). Carefully dabbed it into and around the site and 5 minutes later the pain was gone. Amazing! I was able to sleep for 5 hours but woke up with pain, though less of it. Have just repeated process and pain gone again.

Highly, highly recommended. Well be carrying oil of cloves and Q-Tips everywhere until the persistent pain subsides. Can't overstate the relief!

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