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So I tried the salt wash 3 times with little effect, I'd seen the posts about garlic and onion but didn't have either available. I read about clove oil and having to get it at the counter top late. (Looked in the drugstore and couldn't find it. This was my third day with unbearable pain. I tried the salt rinse again last night but also added garlic salt and onion powder on top. I filled a small tea cup and rinsed and spit after about a minute, I continued this till the cup was empty. Almost immediately I could feel it working, this was at midnight, now this morning no pain at all! I wasted a ton of money on over the counter remedies yesterday with little effect. The garlic and onion mix with the salt water worked amazingly well. THANK YOU

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Hello,the garlic and onion is the powder or you did the fresh garlic and onions??

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