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Pete M.

I have gotten athletes foot a few times in my life and up until this recent episode, Tinactin has always eliminated it.

This latest experience with it was completely awful and by far the worst I have ever had it. I tried Tinactin, Lotrimin, Vinegar soaks, Apple Cider Vinegar soaks, Tee Tree Oil soaks, Powder, Iodine, Vicks Vapo Rub, Super Hot get the point. I tried pretty much everything everyone has written on this board and nothing would shake it.

After border line losing hope(and my mind), I read somewhere to try Betadine. Completely desperate for a remedy I ordered some off Amazon...and thank god it worked. Hallelujah!

Here is what I did. I used hot water and 3 cap fills of Betadine to soak both my feet for 20 minutes each foot. I did this twice a day. At night, I put therapeutic tee tree lotion on my feet to help with the cracking skin, itching, and added treatment. In the morning, I wash my feet really good, dry them really good, and use a light dust of foot powder until I get home and can put on flip flops. Wash, rinse, repeat for as many days as it takes to eliminate it.

It has been 4 days of this and the dreaded, seemingly indestructible fungus appears like it's pretty much gone. Just for safety measures, I am going to keep doing this for at least another week.

I know how awful this crap is and I was losing hope after trying nearly everything. Trust me when I say to try Betadine. I had an absolutely awful case of athletes foot and Betadine is the only thing that worked. Best of luck and thanks to those of you who recommended Betadine. You saved my sanity.

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Thanks a million!


Worked for me! I so thankful I found your post I was about out of my mind with the burning itching and pain. I put way more benadine than you burned like crazy and soaked for 20 min. Itching is gone. Used the tee tree oil as well. 😊

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