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Soak feet in pure peroxide 3 times per week is working for me and I have tried several products with zero results.I can't believe it was that easy.I soak them about 15 min.each time.

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is it safe to use pure peroxide non dilluted ?

Thanks for sharing your experience


I started using 3% solution straight to soak my fingernails. My bottle says its fine undilluted. Hurts like crazy, hopefully a good sign


DO NOT use ANY amount of peroxide unless you know exactly what you're doing or are supervised by a doctor. !!!ESPECIALLY NOT PURE!!! even low concentrations are harmfull.

Leslie, RN

Pure hydrogen peroxide is fine to use undiluted. 1-3% is also used as a gargle antiseptic and to whiten teeth. Read the label, it will sat this.


I've used peroxide and water to gargle with and brush my teeth and have had no ill effects.
I have had fungus in my toes for years!!!
I've taken oral medication 2 times with no good results so I just filed them down and polish to avoid looking at them.
And just recently started to use it to soak my feet in weekly and apply it to my toes with a cotton ball and let dry and then put some Vicks & socks.
I plan to rotate Apple cider vinegar, Vicks, baking soda and peroxide and hope something takes the fungus away😖


WARNING: (From personal experience)

Whenever straight 3% hydrogen peroxide has been used much on fingertips or toes it seems to wick up under the nails and cause a lot of pain that lasts for hours and hours - feels like the pressure of it's foaming nature is separating the nail off it's the time the pain is noticed - it's soaked in to the point of being 'there' for quite a while.

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