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tooth ache!!!

I have a chipped tooth, and now an exposed nerve. I need to get a root canal and crown, but until I can save up the astronomical amount that's gonna cost, I'm becoming very familiar with pain. It hurts to eat, drink, swallow, and it even hurts if I hit my tongue against it! I've tried gel medication, swishing warm water with salt/garlic, warm compress. While these help a little, it's just not enough. I read that you need to cover the nerve, and to try bread. That didn't work, but made me think.... Wyatt else could I use? So, I tore a small piece of paper towel, put some tooth ache medicine on it, and shoved it in! It did hurt going in, but once it was there-instant relief! No pain, no throbbing-nothing! I can drink with it in too, though I haven't tried eating. Hopefully this will help you :)

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