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First of all thank you to everyone who recommended honey!! God bless! Yesterday I burned my hand with very hot oil. It became very red and hurt so bad I wanted to scream. I was very skeptical bout honey but smothered it over painful are after rinsing my hand with water first. I left honey on and wrapped hand in a damp cloth. OMG amazing the pain instantly went! Redness is also completely gone. 2 blisters remain but no pain. Honey all the way!! You can use ice compress or cold damp cloth along with honey.

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Eric in the Philippines

I just burned the you know what out of my first three finger tips when I went to remove a metal rice bot that I thought was not hot. The first thing I did was place my fingers in icy cold water which offered immediate relief until I went to remove them and the pain would come rushing back in a tumultuous way. I Googled cures and came to this site and a few others and all recommended honey, vinegar, and honey. I knew I had some unprocessed honey so I tried it. I poured it over my fingertips and placed some in a platter and at first their was no relief but after about 4 or 4 minutes I was shocked the pain was 98 to 99 percent gone. I know honey draws out fluid but I am simply amazed. Now my fingers are rapped with cotton balls with Aloe Vera and then dipped in natural unprocessed honey and I am no longer in unbearable pain. I thought I would share,

Marla s

Thank you thank you thank you to the person who recommended the honey! I burned the palm of my hand and first two fingers on a pan JUST out of a 400 degree oven. Pain was unbearable. Anytime I would take the cold water off or away from my hand I would be nausea and close to tears. Google remedies for the pain and thought what the he**, ill try anything. Omg applied the honey and in less than 5 min I had great relief. Immed called my mum and told her, use the honey, its like a miracle. An hour later gently washed hand and even actual burn looks better, less blistering and redness, almost invisible where before skin was white and leathery. Thank you!


I have a question I Burt my leg on a oven rack on Thur here it is Mon I have tried to deal with the pain but it hurts really bad...thr is a scab over it already but thr is soreness redness n pain n it's jus uncomfortable my question is do u think the honey will work being the fact that its a old burn

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