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I know ALL to well of this type of excruciating pain. I just made it to the other side if it. Thank GOD! Here is what worked for me:

Lukewarm water

1. Mix about 8oz lukewarm water and salt (regular table salt) together, it should be really salty. .

2. Swish the mixture around in your mouth, specifically around the affected area for approximately 2 mins ( do this twice)

3. Pray

After doing this, I felt almost instantaneous relief.

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Very salty warm water works on toothache like magic. One I had a bad toothache. The whole night I could not sleep. I saw death from a close view. In the morning I googled and wanted to try warm salt water gurgle. I spent the whole day gurgling after every two hours. It's been two years now, I am relieved from that pain. Good luck.


Where do you buy prayer?

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