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Sonya and Tukker

I will first to say that you do not have to shave your dog. I have a black Pomeranian and he suffers from mange every summer but it seemed worse this year. So I tried the Borax remedie but it only seemed to help a little but, plus it made his coat a light reddish brown. So I started the selsum blue shampoo and I wash him every other day and it is working. Plus I am giving him Zinc and L-Lysine which helps his immune system. I hope this helps.

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Where can u get the zinc and l-Lynn sorry misspelled


Did you use a little shampoo ? How much


Can I give my dog zinc? NO. Zinc, a heavy metal, is the 9th most common cause of dog poisonings in 2008. Zinc is necessary for a normal immune system and the formation of red blood cells. Zinc helps maintain normal blood sugar levels in diabetic dogs, is used to treat skin conditions and to aid wound healing. Excess zinc levels can lead to pancreatitis or toxicity. Zinc toxicity is usually seen in puppies that are known for eating everything in sight. Especially dangerous are pennies minted after 1982; zinc toxicity can result from the ingestion of only three pennies. When the copper coating of the penny is broken, the zinc core is rapidly absorbed into the dog's system. Transport crates can have high zinc levels, and you should try to prevent your dog from licking or chewing on the wires. Signs of zinc toxicity are decreased appetite, diarrhea and vomiting, and weakness that can progress to kidney failure. Always consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog any natural or herbal supplements.


Google for answers about what things are. Put 'dog' with it, so that safety info can come up, as well as products containing it and related articles, such as how to improve dog immunity.


Your dog gets hot spots, not mange every year. Dandruff shampoo will help hot spots as well as a few other skin conditions, but not mange.

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