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I usually don't post on these kind of forums but had to come back after our success with coconut oil in treating head lice. Many people seem discouraged here or have battled lice for a long time, so I want to say that there is hope! And no need to put nasty chemicals on your head to get rid of them. I had nits in my hair after working at a summer camp for a week, and here was our treatment plan:

1. Poured 1 bottle of apple cider vinegar on hair, then blow dried it (helps nits to come our easily when you comb later, and heat treatment can help kill adults).
2. Poured an entire jar of coconut oil (with a few drops of tea tree oil) on hair.
3. Tied oily hair up and covered it with a SWIM CAP (the swim cap is very snug on the head and worked great. Recommend the silicone kind). Cover swim cap in a scarf to catch inevitable oil leaks.
4. Kept this on overnight, for 8-10 hours.
5. Applied A LOT of shampoo to head (I used tea tree shampoo) and let it sit 30 minutes.
6. Rinsed out shampoo, and combed through hair with a nit comb. My husband went through hair very strategically looking for nits. The first day we did this, I had about 25 nits, but no lice to be seen. I am assuming they DIED with the oil treatment and washed out in the shower.
7. Repeat coconut oil treatment every 3-4 days for 2 weeks. Have someone else search head for nits DAILY. Though we found a few nits on the first few days after the treatment, since then there have been NONE. That was 2 weeks ago.
8. Don't forget to wash all sheets, towels, pillows, clothing, and quarantine anything that is suspect for at least 2 weeks.

**Also, for those of you who have had head lice for months or years, make sure you know what a nit looks like! I 'thought' I had head lice in high school for months, only to discover that the dandruff and hair follicles I thought were nits were not. Nits are grayish/brown, perfectly tear drop shaped, stuck to the hair follicle, and very shiny in the sun. ***

Good luck! Hope this easy, natural, and relatively inexpensive treatment plan works for you and that you are soon lice free!

With coconut oil, HEAD LICE = DEAD LICE.

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The swim cap is a brilliant idea - thanks for sharing! We used a mixture of olive oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil - the lice were falling out all over the place! Now off to shampoo!


How much of each oil did you use? Also how long do you leave it in for and do you have to redo the treatment again? Please

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