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This sucks!

I currently have a fever blister... I came to this page because camphor was NOT working... I saw a post saying to try alcohol and then put some butt cream and a bandage.... HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! It is WAYYYYYYY BETTER IN JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS!!! I spray rubbing alcohol on it then dabbed on a&d cream, and applied a bandage.... Left it on about 2 hours let it air out for about 3 hoursand it was incredible! Now I'm about to go to bed so I sprayed more alcohol and just put more a&d and bandage.... I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ALCOHOL AND BUTT CREAM!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you sooooo much. The butt cream (I bought desitin) worked wonders. The next morning it was gone with little red spots left. It's evening now and spots r bout gone so basically my blister lasted a day n a half.


Can u use a&D ointment that's not the cream?


How big was your guys ?? Mine made half my top lip with fever blisters!!!! It's really swollen I only had it for maybe 3 days won't go away!!! It's HUGEEE!!!!


I've just tried the rubbing alcohol and it feels much better. Should I still use the Destin cream also?

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