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Wow!! It's 2am and I can't sleep!!! I've tried everything to try and get rid... I've chewed garlic cloves and my mouth tastes horrible.. But the pain is really calming down!!! Hopefully enough for me to be able to sleep! 😫 this is the worst pain ever!

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Garlic worked for me amazingly well, i also did the organic coconut oil swish around in my mouth first, but i don't think that was effective, unless it was a delay reaction with the garlic


I have really bad tooth aches all the time to the point of almost passing out and i dont have health insurance so i got the money for the dentist made the appointment after seeing him he gave me a script for some mouth wash that he called ' Magic mouth wash ' i kept that stuff close by my side every time i have one i go to the pharmacist tell him what i need he makes it for me just DONT SWALLOW ANY OF IT ' it really does work really great.


Todd what is the magic formula????? Pleaaaseee and thank you!!


What was it!


What's the mouth wash called exactly?!?

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