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Let me pre-phrase this be saying I've had major dental work done, to the point where only 3 of my teeth don't have a filling or something.

A few days ago my lower left premolar filling cracked and put me in extreme pain, this started on tuesday night and I cant go to a dentist untill monday. Heres everything I've tried

Brushing/flossing hurt tooth: Made it worse

Ambesol: nothing, waste of money.

Liquid orajel: Another Waste of money

Liquid gels: Didnt help

Cut open liquid gel, dap qtip in the liquid and apply to tooth/gums: Didnt help

Tylenol: Didnt help

Midol: Nothing

Prescription ibprofen: helps a little

Rinse cocktail with saltwater, oregano, and garlic power: Helped a little bit

Cold water shock: Works for about a minute

Massaging the webbed part between thumb and index: helps for about 5 minutes

Mary Jane: Helps me take my mind off it but does nothing for the actual pain, Helped me fall asleep

Liquor: Ding Ding, We have a winner. I've been using 70 proof Southern Comfort, and either letting it sit on the tooth or swishing it around the tooth, do this for aslong as you can stand it, then spit it out(dont drink it,might be a infected tooth) and let the drool fall out of your mouth. Dont drink anything afterwards, When you come to your senses do it again. Repeat untill pain is bearable. about 5 minutes after all of this you can gently swish with saltwater or a saltwater cocktail to get the taste out of your mouth. The higher the proof the better just make sure youre able to stand the taste of it in your mouth for like 3 minutes.

3 cheers for beer!

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