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Hello everyone,

Im not going to share my feelings when I found out I had genital warts, cause we all went through that. Even though my doctor told me to relax because its very common, what really helped me was reading the discussions and advice online.
I started boosting my immunity immediately (vitamin C, B, garlic, exercise, green tea) and I purchased tea tree oil to apply externally. My warts are around my vaginal opening so it is more difficult to apply I guess. I used Q-tip to apply tea tree oil three times in the first day. Next day I found this forum and there are lots of people here having faster results with apple cider vinegar so I applied it and even though it had strong burning sensation at the beginning, in 10 minutes it was bearable and I left it there on a make up tampon for 3 hours. I think it got shrunk a little bit but I couldn't apply for the second time as this also had burned my healthy skin around and now I cannot handle the pain.
Now I guess I have to wait until my vagina calms down from the irritation and being swollen, but I want to ask you for advice how to apply the vinegar to warts in vaginal opening to have them all covered and removed as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your help. I will write updates.

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Put Vaseline on your healthy skin dear , stops it from burning well using the acv


Consider natural protects for helping calm the area - Castor Oil, Rosehip Oil or Vitamin E in between ACV use.


Continue using apple cider vinegar but try rubbing the area with coconut oil after to help heal the healthy skin that may have been burned.


Thanks to everyone for your advice. I continued using tea tree oil and banana peel and my warts seemed to be shrinking a little bit, but I recently went through a stressful life situation and they appeared again in its full size. Going back to apple cider vinegar with all your tips. Thank you again.

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