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I have been battling BV for what seems like years now, and NOTHING has worked. I've used antibiotics prescribed to me by my gynecologist, and I've tried so many home remedies such as hydrogen peroxide, probiotics, I've even changed my clothes, my underwear and their material, abstained from sex, EVERYTHING you can think of. Only one thing has cured and kept my BV away and did so within HOURS. I take two tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll in the morning and two at night (you must not exceed six tbsp in a 24 hour period) and it works WONDERS. It tastes like mint tea. No more odor, no more itch, no more being embarrassed to make love to my fiancé. I hope someone sees and can benefit from this the way I did, I'm telling you guys that it really works. Good luck!

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I read that chlorophyll is effective for helping to cure BV. I was thinking of trying it myself but I read that it can cause your tongue to turn black so I have been reluctant to buy it. Have you experienced this side effect?


I recommend for you to think of what you have changed within that year such as how you shower, clothes and also ask your boyfriend if maybe he is using some type of lubricant. Intell you this bc I had it and I was taking antibiotics as well and home remedy but nothing worked until I found what what wrong. You are not supposed to drink that for life. For the commend above you can use a straw and put it all the way in your mouth.


How many days do u take it for


This worked for me as well. I still take liquid chlorophyll because it acts as a natural deodorant. I put mine in tea so I haven't experienced a black tounge.


How many days do you have to take the chlorophyll for??????


I work at GNC we sell chlorophyll in capsules to help ease any concerns of a 'black tongue'


What form of liquid chlorophyll do you use 100% or less?

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