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I've had poison ivy/oak many times and I have it right now so sitting here with backing soda/vinegar on my arm and deodorant on my abdomen. Definitely feeling itch relief all around. My main concern is the non-stop oozing of puss for a few days now. I'm really allergic so I've just about tried everything (that is natural, non-toxic) just not consistently because I keep experimenting.

I've recently discovered the magic of activated charcoal. It literally acts as a magnet to absorb and pull poison/toxins from the body. It's messy but it helps relieve both symptoms... You make a paste with water and apply, then wrap it with plastic wrap.

I can't believe all the people who reported putting bleach and gasoline on their blistering skin!!! Are you crazy? Who feeds poison with more poisonous chemicals? Is that a joke?! There are a million safer remedies to relieve itch and dry the blisters. Get with it people. It's not 1956!

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