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July 15,2014
I need to lose weight so in quick haste I purchased Xenadrine 7x to try and jump start my weight loss. Within two days there was a slight rash on forehead and nose. I had worked in yard and thought maybe it was slight case of poison ivy, but wasn't itchy. I applied some Fluoconicide i had in cabinet and it went away, but then I started noticing smaller rash welts on my wrists, again thinking it was poison ivy showing up days later and thinking that was odd.
19th- I started the double dosing as per instruction on Xenadrine bottle.
20th- Shoulder started to itch that night and finally realized maybe the spots were reaction to pills so I stopped taking them and did some research.
Online search told me that three of the products were the culprit and produce rash or hives in some people: Yohimbe bark, Horse mint leaf extract and Frauenmantle leaf extract.

I immediately started drinking as much water as i could, stopped eating wheat and drinking milk in case these were extra issues with the reactions. Started taking Vit.C, and multivitamin.
Purchased Fexofenadine hydrochloride 180mg- itch only mildly helped and this started to give me intense migraines so discontinued after 4 days.
Zantac 150 mg, Hyland ‘hives’, and Oxyhives by Pacific Naturals. These helped minimally.
31st- Purchased Ibuprofen and within 20 min noticed a different spotted rash on inner left arm. I panicked and made myself throw up in hopes of stopping it from spreading. Now i know i must be allergic to ibuprofen.
Skin: I used Technu rash releif (purchased form food lion) and Sunburn aloe gel with Lidocaine. Both of these worked pretty well compared to the 1% Hydrocortizone cream.
Aug. 9th- itching FINALLY stops.

A bit about me. I have had hives twice before this but they were stress related. I know online they say that stress isn’t really a cause for hives, but i beg to differ. I broke out in hives once from stess in first marriage, (small area on hip). And again when driving to meet up with relative i was having issues with, those showed up on my both my arms and i scratched so heavily in that 3 hr visit that i still have scars from it. Also…..bad timing but my mom came to stay with me for a week just as they were beginning and then by the 12th i was to meet my mother-n-law for the first time since marrying my husband 9yrs ago.(she was from another country)… could of been the build up stress of that too.
Funny part is I’m not allergic to anything before…...the only thing I’ve ever had a reaction to was Cream of mushroom soup. Love that stuff and never realized that every time i ate it and had tightening of chest and throat. But yet i can eat regular mushrooms with no issues.

Side note: Im eating healthier, which i needed to do anyways. And my mother-n-law is a sweetheart whom i adore and is an amazing cook. Im adding other things to my vitamin regimen is
Cats claw, and barley(hulled). Look these two things up,….amazing stuff.

To those of you going through years of this unbearable lifestyle…I’m so sorry for you. God bless and heal each of you. Thanks to all of you who wrote your experiences and Hope mine helps too.

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