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First let me say this, and something some of you may have not even considered: GO TO THE DOCTOR TO GET CHECKED FOR TRICHOMONAS (sp). It is an STI that has THE SAME SYMPTOMS AS BV. The only cure for it, is Flagyl or Clindamyacin. Kind of ironic how the two worst things for bv are the best things for an STI, right?

Now, with that being said, I contracted Trich and thought it was BV. But, I'm OCD and went to the doctor, and it was Trich.

Before I contracted it, I'd had BV before, and I was 'cured' when I went on Paleo diet and added a standard multivitamin, but then my symptoms returned after a recent partner, so I went to the doctor.

Now, at least here, they give you one megadose of Flagyl. I knew it would either give me a yeast infection or BV, so I took a standard acidipholus supplement with it. That's it. I didn't douche, I didn't stick garlic up there, I didn't do anything else. Now, I take my multivitamin and acidipholus daily. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is to remember, not everything works for everyone. I truly believe any antibiotics will upset your vagina and it doesn't hurt to take the supplement. My diet doesn't permit yogurt, so that's why I went with the supplement. After 3 days (which may have been the antibiotic fighting off the trich, granted) I have had no problems.

I think a lot of it has to do with our diet and what we put into our bodies, because it all gets filtered and then reintroduced, or pushed out. STOP EATING PROCESSED FOODS. Pick apart from any diet what you will, but putting these chemicals in your body from things being marketed as edible is just not good for you. Even your water, buy bottled water that's been through reverse osmosis. Lemon water is great for anyone, I read on here to do a water fast and that makes perfect sense. BV is just an imbalance of bacteria, so why not flush all of it out, and only keep good bacteria there? IE: Acidipholus.

Take a good multivitamin with folic acid, take your supplement, and go on with your day. Also, a high-potency cranberry supplement if you can't stand cranberry juice isn't a bad idea either. (I HATE CRANBERRY JUICE)

Anytime you're fighting ANY infection, rather it be BV or an abscess tooth, AVOID SUGAR AT ALL COSTS. Sugar only feeds bacteria! Again, the water fast makes sense! If you don't want to drink plain water, a good detox water is this: One cucumber, sliced (with or without skin, doesn't matter), lemon juice (freshly squeezed, or squeeze and throw the entire lemon in there after you got the juices out) And some ginger tea mixed with the water. I slice about a half inch of ginger off, skin it, and boil it in a cup of water and then mix it with the detox water. Drink that for two days, and only that, and then start a diet of organic, natural foods. It can be expensive but you will feel amazing in about a week. We have to start treating our bodies better, ladies!

Try any of these that you will, what worked for me may not work for you. and please, don't panic if you think you've contracted trich. I didn't have ALL of the symptoms of trich, just itching and swelling and a white discharge I thought was my natural discharge from ovulation. It wasn't colored or 'frothy' (as it's been described)

I'll post the symptoms of trich down here, and I'm going to warn you, they are eerily similar to BV. That's why it's important to get tested.

'Often, trichomoniasis has no symptoms. Most people are not aware that they have the infection — especially men.
When women have symptoms, they may have
frothy, often unpleasant-smelling discharge
blood spotting in the discharge
itching in and around the vagina
swelling in the groin
the urge to urinate frequently — often with pain and burning
Men rarely have symptoms. When they do have symptoms, they may have
discharge from the urethra
the urge to urinate frequently — often with pain and burning
If symptoms develop, it may take about 3–28 days.'

(I got that from planned parenthood)

So, please, get tested. Take acidipholus or eat yogurt with your medicine. It will keep a yeast infection or BV at bay.

Good luck ladies, I don't want to freak you out, but I've noticed some of these stories being from women who just recently switched partners. Men don't often know they have trich. They can be carriers and not even know it.

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