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i had a dry socket and the pain was unbelievable, my heart goes out for everyone going through it. ibuprofein and paracetamol didnt help, but codeine did, so ask your doctor to prescribe that, it helped immediately, i felt the most immense relief and gratitude after that. also, go to the dentist, so they can cause a bleeding to the dry socket so that a new blood clot will form. i did that plus the codeine and the healing started. i also took homeopathy and natural remedies to aid and help with the healing:ruta graveolans for the healing of the dry socket (100 c every hour/few hours) and hypericum 100c (every hour) for the nervous pain. healing started the next day after i started taking these....noni juice and 3000 mg of vitamin c (lots of noni juice i took) and natures antibiotics to prevent an infection (olive leaf extract, grapeseed oil and oregano oil) . i also put extra virgin coconut oil on the dry socket at least once an hour to help fight off and prevent infection and help the healing. probiotics help fighting off infection as well, i took plenty of them as well. all these together and a week and and a half of terrible pain started healing in one/two days.

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