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I have had fungus all over my left foot and it also got into my toe nails. I didnt have any pain it just looked bad and I got a lot of dead skin coming off in flakes. I tried several home remedies with limited or no success. Apple cider vinegar did nothing. Tea tree oil was slightly better but too expensive and my wife hated the smell. I nearly got rid of her before the fungus. I found that a foot bath in a solution of hot water and ordinary vinegar helped a lot. It softened the skin so that I could clean it but it was not practical.
I then tried Vicks Vaporub twice a day and about two months later it cleared the foot completely. Its much more practical and it's also cheaper. I also got the wife's reluctant approval. Now I apply it once a day. The nails are slower. They are better but obviously I have to persevere. The thing is once the fungus gets under the nail its very difficult to eliminate it. You must cover the nail with Vicks all round it especially at the front

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I have been treating my toe nail with Vicks and watching it disappear as my toe nail grows out. Just a helpful hint.....I use plastic wrap off the roll, approx. ten inches long. Fold the ten inches in half to be five inches wide and the width of plastic wrap becomes width (approx. 10 inches). Place the wrap behind toe, apply Vicks and fold over the top edge. Grab both ends and tie in not. Sleep well and remove in morning. Repeat every night and patiently wait to see the toe nail grow out the fungus. I have been doing it out for seven months and I am almost cleared of fungus. I will continue for a couple of months just to make sure it does not return.


I have fungus under my toe nail.n it came off I'm scared I don't have insurance to see a doctor what should I do

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