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If you are looking into this, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

Be really careful with the vinegar treatment. I am 34, pretty good shape, etc. I did ONE vinegar treatment on a Wednesday night for a few hours. The following Sunday, I was in so much pain I almost went to the ER.

The following is kinda graphic:

The vinegar/acid destroyed the skin around my anus, and about an inch or so inside my rectum. The vinegar created open sores, which soon became infected. As I described above, four days after the treatment I was in the worst pain of my life. I cannot overstate this. My anus became a mess of infection, mucus, puss, blood, etc. Eventually, I had to have a bowel movement, and the pain became even worse. The pain was unexplainable. I wanted to go to the ER, but was in too much pain to move.
Fortunately, I went to the doctor several days later. They were genuinely freaked out by it. My doctor left the room, and I heard him talking on the phone with another colleague. He sounded alarmed. Several days later, I found myself in a doctor's office, in a hospital gown, with two doctors and an PA looking at my butt as if was a gruesome crime scene. They glanced at it, gasped, covered their mouths with their hands, and turned away.
Ultimately, they put me on two antibiotics, and what I believe to be placebo pain meds. After the initial visit, I have seen the doctor every other day for about two weeks. I finally had my last visit today. The wounds are not completely healed, but the infection is gone, and I no longer have pain.
Ironically, they gave me a full STI check, did a culture of my sores, and all tests came back clean.
Dudes out there, and woman too - don't fuck around with this. Organic apple cider vinegar seems harmless, but it will tear up your asshole. Literally. Be safe.

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