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My boyfriend always uses 'clove oil' when he has a toothache. Most pharmacys will have it, but you have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter. Well, I've had bad pain in my top right back teeth for a week or so now. I came to work today & it started hurting really bad, so I called my mom & asked her to go to Walmart & buy me a bottle of this clove oil & bring it to my work. As soon as I got it, I went to the bathroom & applied it just like you would orajel but you MUST apply it with a Q-tip. It will burn really bad but within a few minutes my pain was gone & as of right now 2 hours later I haven't had any pain since. Its a small 1/8 oz bottle & its expensive. Mine was $5.00 for a bottle that is half the length of my pointer finger but it is WELL worth it. Remember to apply it with a Q-tip & apply it around the gums of the pain area & directly on the tooth. It will burn for a few minutes but eventually quits burning. It works wonders! I'll never buy orajel again!!

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This only works for mild toothaches. I used to apply this few months ago but now it doesnt work T-T


What is a Q-Tip?


I just tried the clove oil on a q tip with a drop of olive oil. Applied to top molar and tilted my head. Oil did not stay put, so I took a sip of water, and without swallowing it, sat with my head tilted. It worked only momentarily and the pain returned shortly after spitting out. I will repeat and leave in longer to see if it lasts!

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