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After reading a couple of remedies here I decided that I need to post this for those suffering from severe tooth pain. I get sick of practitioners preaching about getting yourself professional help while they sit laughing and wagging thier necks side to side in the fashion dashboard bobblehead. The reason some are so desparate and grasping for answers is because they are unable to finance such services, dental pain from repeated cracked teeth, reduced enamel, full blown infection is without a doubt one of the most miserable experiences I have had to endure; if you think I don't know what what pain is then know this I've survived 3rd degree burns over 36 percent of my body. Now then, I hope not to invite those addle brained practitioners who fail to understand that some of us are so stupid as to not know that paying a major portions of years earnings or skipping this months rent is not an option at the moment time to some kind of pissing match in defense of those who just want relief until those who cannot empty their account or wallet in order to receive help from a professional at the moment but I do wish those condescending professionals would offer the kind of advice I am about to give and try to empathise with those that are in pain which they as practitioners will never have to undergo. So yes cloves do help but not whole or powdered, get clove bud oil, or eugenol containing oil in high concentration use a qtip saturated with the oil and place it as close to the site of infection as you can and invite the sting that it will deliver hold it as long as you can break only as long as nessesary because the next application will not hurt near as much and within fifteen minutes you should feel relief. The essential oil I keep on hand is Aura Casia -pure essential oils and is 75 percent eugenol. There are warnings against internal use, women who are pregnant and other cautions but I can tell you this gargling all the salt aspirin and tylenol never helped a bit, this did. It cost me about $ 7.00 at a local store in Anchorage Alaska called the natural pantry and After a day 15mins I could think again a day of periodic use and it was almost unnoticeable and in 3 days I the my misery was a distant memory. I hope that clove oil helps alleviate some others from the mind bending torture that is tooth pain.

- ;p Bornpagan

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