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I've read over 40 pages of the remedies listed here. I've tried EVERYTHING listed (minus a few due to unavailability of some of the more exotic items).

What's been working for my upper right 2nd to last BADLY abscesses tooth is Listerine. It's the absolute only thing that literally took the immense pain away within 5 seconds. And I'm also on 1g Oxycodone. The narcotics don't relieve nearly as well as the Listerine. One note: it MUST contain alcohol to work at all!

Also, a few times a day I numb the tooth with ice wrapped in cloth- I bite down on the chunk of wrapped ice for as long as possible. Ones it's frozen cold it is pain free for a few beautiful minutes. Listerine lasts about 15 minutes so keep it handy. Still thinking of trying to lance it but I am mortified of the subsequent pain that may cause..

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I know ALL to well of this type of excruciating pain. I just made it to the other side if it. Thank GOD! Here is what worked for me:

Lukewarm water

1. Mix about 8oz lukewarm water and salt (regular table salt) together, it should be really salty. .

2. Swish the mixture around in your mouth, specifically around the affected area for approximately 2 mins ( do this twice)

3. Pray

After doing this, I felt almost instantaneous relief.


Hello fellow toothachers.... I'm sitting here now wondering how long before I will be bouncing my face into the wall.... Bad abscess and the whole tooth from just under the gum has cracked broke into 3peices 2of which I have removed and a couple of blisters. Well remembering helping my mom thru dental school, I think it said to leave the tooth N pus sac alone. However being a gluten I popped it . Ewh... However it relived ALL the pain till morning when it healed over n filled again. Now keeping cotton n my jaw, I have managed to keep it drained. And is flopping. ya I know pull. Not a chance of that happening I think part of the inside is still alive N root connected or nerve. Don't want to touch I prefer chewing on it when I eat.. hurts like non other. Just wanting to say for pain I used benzodemt its a paste. It stays where u put it and allows most great pain relief. BENZODENT got it at WalMart is not by any other name is a green tube. Also Walgreens carries. Like 4.00 max. Well where's I am. And swissh with salt water. Best to u all but I may break down fo to E..R. for antibiotics. Everyone is scaring me so I may sissy out n go. BEST O LUCK.

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