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ok try at your own risk the next 20 minutes of your life are going to suck but I put a small amount of powdered garlic dried tarragon leaves a pinch of sea salt ground cloves in a mortar and pestle grounded up and I did a small amount of ambesol in two drops of pure clove oil I got this gritty paste and jammed it right on top of the nerve in my back molar I then spent the next 10 15 minutes with my hands interlocked on my head pacing back and forth breathing slowly through my nose if you try this this will be a very very painful part do not hold your breath do not take big gulps of air through your mouth don't bend over into a fetal position all these things will actually make it worse I was pressing my hands to my head to try to do help the headache that instantly said on his breathing slowly through my nose as to not have the cold air passing through piss off the nerve anymore than it already once the pain slowly died down I rinse my mouth out with warm water do not use hot or cold water it will hurt and the pain has subsided down to maybe a .5 I have done this a couple times now whenever the pain gets too much for the ibuprofen day take away and it usually last at least half the day before it needs to be done again but for those of you out there that have the same problem as me you know half the days a freaking lifetime compared with that pain good luck and I hope this works for you as well as it as it has for me

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I rinse infected exposed tooth with warm salt water, and also peroxide mixed with warm water at intervals .The pain is almost like unreal with an exposed nerve! Went to urgent care and got antibiotics for infection. It hits me in bolts that last like a contraction. I am getting the decay pulled out to be disease free at UOM dental school. A tooth infection is a serious thing and I cant wait to get my teeth pulled and smile back!


Don't you think it might be time to go to the dentist?


(OP, I mean) :-)

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