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Okay I got this really really bad last night & tried allergy meds, itching creams, etc... Gold Bond Triple Action relief helped for a little while but not long. I applied a generous coat of it to my feet before bed, took some allergy meds & some zzzquil (which almost always keeps me out at least 6 hours) but was up again 2 hours later. After searching some home remedies, I decided to mix a few together. And here is what I came up with: run a very hot bath (as hot as u can stand) & add a bit of bleach, some Dr. Teals Eucalpytus & spearmint epson salt (got mine at HEb for $5) & a pouch of Aveeno's 100% natural colloidal oatmeal soothing bath treatment. Sat in the tub for twenty minutes & almost dozed off but once I was dry I crawled in bed & slept for another 6 hours. No itch all day. Mild itch while at work but not enough to wanna rub/scratch. Itch is starting to come back now but not nearly as instense as it was last night. Not sure what worked in my weird concoction but something did the trick. Gonna go take another soak after dinner. Best of luck

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