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I suffered with a severe case of ringworm. Got to the point where I was ready to go to the doctor. Take in mind I have no insurance. But after searchng on these sites for a home remedy ( which was helpful in a way) I finally got cured... As I was diging thru my moms bathroom cabinet I found this creme called GELMACIN. Its an antifungal. Has like three ingredients to it. And like a few days it went away. Just apply it like in the morning. And night. Or when ever u feel that horrible itch sumtimes painful. Im So relieved. Im serious... Stuff works. Look it up. Its only like 6 bux. Or you can go to a swapmeet ( yes as gheto as that sounds) and buy it there . Go on a Saturday or Sunday. They have them in one of those stands. Just ask for gelmacin. Trust me. It works and its safe. People use it for all kinds of skin problems. Its antifungal. Just buy it and pass the tip along.

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