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Amy C

I also JUST had a boil on my hoo-haw (not cool!) I treated with icthammol. It took about 12-14 hours to work, but it did! I had a boil on my butt 6 months ago and I tried to pick it. DON'T DO THAT. It ended up being a 2.5 week long ordeal and I ended up in the ER. This time I tried the Vicks Vaporub, I think it helped, but the icthammol worked! I have horses so I already had some sitting around, thank goodness! It was only a 5 day ordeal this time. I'm going to start showering with antibacterial soap and see if that helps. I had never had a boil until this year, and I'm 35 years old.

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Actually some studies show that the more bacteria you kill with antibacterial products like triclosan (which is in most antibacterial soaps)causes more problems than it solves because it kills some but not all making super bugs that eventually become resistant to antibiotic treatments.

You might be better off trying a body wash with an essential oil in it like Melaleuca (Tea tree oil) since studies show it has antimicrobial properties that bugs don't become resistant to.

Tumeric (1 teaspoon in warm water 3 times a day) and garlic paste are also common treatemnts for a boil if you find one developing. Don't take tumeric more than two weeks in a row becasue it can cause dehydration, but a weekly preventative dose is safe.


how much is it?


I'm 14 and I have one ever other day! It takes about 5 day for each. I have on the size of a golf ball and when I moved it sends a pulse to my feet. In also starting to get one right next to it.

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