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to prevent hangovers,hmmmmm... DON'T GET DRUNK! simple, yet, it works wonderfully.

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you know, that is a really good idea. while i am not opposed to drinking, getting drunk is just not something i condone. good suggestion.


fuck that


watch your mouth


do you have anything better to say?

Responding to Ignorance

Don't get drunk? That's a stupid response! Althought some people deliberately get drunk, there are those that manage to drink too much on occasion and it's nice to find out remedies to try to alleviate symptoms. As for you, I think tou definately should take the tylenol!

Just Wondering

i didn't see anything on this site that wanted to treat the symptoms of hangovers, i just saw remedies to hangovers so i suggested it! is it my fault if i feel that suggesting the obvious could be helpful!


this suggestion is right, If you are going to drink, be prepared to deal with the consequences. The more often you drink the more hangovers you are likely to have! Duh!


As a career alcoholic I find your suggestion highly offensive, Don't you think alcoholics need a job too, we need money to live!! Just becasue I have a big problem doesn't mean I should suffer, damn you! Why don't you try getting drunk and see how you feel when you have a hangover and there are no cures around!! Later, I've got a date with a bottle of booze!




Thanks for nothing.........

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