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Hi there! I'm here to tell you a short story and then share my remedy. I recently decided to come to grips with the fact that I may have contracted HPV, as it seem to be the only explanation for these growths that decided to pop up on my penis. I first noticed something was wrong when I was shaving. Wherever I nicked myself shaving, instead of just a scab that would form and then heal, a small growth would be left in place of the nick. Because they were so small at the time, I merely picked them off (BAD IDEA!!!). When I picked them off, the spot bleed then heal, and then... a LARGER growth. After about two months of doing this picking and poking the damn things, I had ended up with two large 1/4' growths and about 4 small but noticeable ones.

I decided to go to the doctor at that point, where he immediately diagnosed me with HPV and warts. That pretty much sent a shockwave through me. It wasn't as much of a surprise given that I am active, but it still stung to be told something like that. So, then I asked him about treatment options. He pretty much told me to go to a urologist where they would surgically remove the warts. I don't know about the rest of you, but the idea of someone coming that close to my genitals with sharp equipment scares me more than the warts.

I began doing research on warts and remedies and I came across many articles discussing Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and how they are extremely effective on warts. Ever the skeptic I did some more research and kept hearing positive things. So, after scouring and finding about 10 different articles mentioning the same positive reviews, I said what the heck and decided to give it a try.

I will say this before continuing. This way my own personal experience with this remedy. Everyone has different reactions to different things. You may accept this remedy or try something else. I do recommend it personally. but it is your choice. However, without further rambling, here is my remedy and the steps I took.

The first thing I did was go out to my friendly neighborhood shopping center and purchase the store brand of Apple Cider Vinegar. Being a skeptic still, I bought the standard size bottle and it set me back about $1.60. I then proceeded to my friendly neighborhood pharmacy and bought a jumbo size bag of cotton balls, two packages of 10 3' x 4' bandages and one package of 100 standard size 1' x 3' bandages or the standard one for those average boo-boos. I also purchased a bottle of Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash. It's typically used to treat acne but I have heard the salicyclic acid in it is a good 'slow' treatment for warts. This all set me back about $20.00.

So I go home and take out the vinegar, apply some to a cotton ball and liberally apply the vinegar to my entire groin. The reason I did this is because it was said that the obvious warts and the not so obvious warts would shortly turn white, exposing themselves and their locations. Sure enough, within about 2 minutes of applying the ACV to the area, I noticed the ones I mentioned... and a number of much much smaller ones turning white, and tingling some.

Noticing the warts and their locations is good. The tingling is good. The fact that you can see them gives you the advantage because you can see where to apply the ACV directly and the tingling lets me you that the ACV is actively working.

For the larger obviously warts I took half a cotton ball dampened with ACV and put it smack in the center of a 3' X 4' bandage. I then applied the bandage on 1 of the 2 larger warts. I repeated this process for the other larger wart and the 4 smaller warts. Because the tiny warts were next to the 4 small warts, I positioned the 3rd bandage over the 4 smaller warts and the cluster of tiny ones. I left the bandages on overnight and removed them in the morning when I took a shower. For the shower, I took a washcloth, applied the Body Clear wash and gently scrubbed my groin until I certain it was completely clean. Then I toweled off until I was dry. I then took a cotton ball dampened with ACV and coated my entire genital region with it again. There was the tingle again. I did not wash this off. I allowed the vinegar to stay because I believed that while not directly on the wart, the acidic conditions would prevent the wart from spreading around.

This routine continued for two days straight. Morning shower, body clear, dry off, ACV applied to the entire groin. At night, bandages with an ACV cotton ball to the main areas affected.
By day two, I noticed that the big warts had swollen and were now tender and whitish-gray. The smaller ones were also whitish gray and some had turned black.

Day three got me a bit. I continued the same routine, but about an hour into the night treatment with the bandages I began to feel some considerable pain where I applied the bandages. Finally I couldn’t stand it and took off the bandages. There I had noticed that the larger warts had turned black and the much much smaller ones had begun to fall off. I did also noticed that I “burned” some healthy skin where there were no warts but where the ACV cottonball was pressed on. At that point, I decided to stop the night treatment temporarily in order to allow my skin to heal.

By day four, the larger warts had become noticeably black and now felt hard to the touch. The smaller warts had blackened and completely fallen off and left me with the two large ones as the stubborn ones to leave. I continued the morning regimen of Body Clear during my shower and then an ACV application to the entire area afterwards. For the night treatment, instead of applying the bandages and leaving them one, I simply repeated the morning treatment of ACV to the entire area, then left the cotton ball on the large ones for about 10 minutes. It stung a little, but it was easily tolerable, even for those who might not be used to some pain. After that I removed the cotton and went to sleep.

By day five, the larger warts had fallen off, leaving a much much smaller slightly raised red spot on my skin. It did not feel like an open sore but more like the red spots you get after a mosquito bite. In either event, my large warts were gone and that pretty much left me with nothing left on my skin except for a few red spots.

With all of the warts removed for the most part, I continued the morning regimen of shower and ACV application as well as the evening regimen of ACV application. I am happy to say that I do not have the warts anymore. I am still continuing the morning and night regimens and I think I will continue to do so until I run out of ACV. But so far so good.

A couple of observations and suggestions while using this home remedy:

- I would not recommend shaving down to the skin, as this can potentially cut the warts and allow them to spread. if you recall earlier in my post, this is how I started my dilemma, with me nicking myself while shaving. I do, however, recommend a trim, as too much hair reduces the effectiveness of the ACV treatment, since the hair will get in between the ACV and the wart. If you want to lightly shave, do so while touching the razor to skin as little as possible.

- Do not be afraid of applying ACV to the entire area, even if you don’t see warts in that area. They may be too tiny to see. By applying the ACV to the entire groin area, you are ensuring that you get every single one. I have personally noticed that leaving ACV on all day after wiping it on does not cause any excessive pain or burning. You may get some tingling in the spots where you can see that you have warts, but only in the beginning. Afterwards, you may actually forget about it.

- It may be hard to avoid this in the beginning but DO NOT ITCH, PICK, OR SCRATCH the warts. Rubbing with your hands and not using nails is ok in limited amounts. It’s ok to touch the warts directly to check the tenderness and such. But do not intentionally try to pull off the warts. You will only succeed in causing unnecessary discomfort and possibly bleeding. If the wart bleeds there is a good chance that the wart can grow back bigger or spread to another area. If you accidently make it bleed, let the bleeding stop, then apply ACV directly to the spot of the bleed and the area around it to attempt to stop the virus before it has enough time to spread. You may be able to catch it in time. As you continue the treatment you may find that you will lose the urge to itch the area as the virus is no longer aggravating the area.

I hope that my story gives those affected some hope and encouragement with regards to this condition. I do not fully know if my results were because of the ACV and Body Clear or just a placebo effect while my body rid me of the warts. However, knowing that I had the warts for almost two months and then having the warts gone about a week after using this treatment I am pretty confident that the ACV and Body Clear did SOMETHING rather than NOTHING.
I personally urge you to try this remedy. Other than a few dollars and some time, there doesn’t seem to be any losing situation to this remedy. The worst that could happen is that the pain results in no gain, and the warts do not disappear. But since you already have them, I think it’s worth a shot. Good luck to everyone! I’m back to being happy. Hopefully you can be too.

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Wartly Weiner

Some great points Steve and I'm glad you touched on the fact the warts may not be easily visible! Going to a doctor and having them surgically removed only attacks the visible warts which means the doctor may miss the 'Hidden' ones!

after a shower, I rinse my genitals with ACV, let it dry, cover it with gauze and reapply the ACV with an eye dropper allowing the ACV to soak into the gauze. It really made me aware that I had a much more serious issue than originally thought.


How are you doing? Your words gave med hope and am now on day 5 whith the ACV.


John- how are you doing after day 5?


thanks for the words of encouragement because i live in china and have had about for operations yet the warts keep on coming back..I don't know how and where to get the AVC in china because they only speak chinese and not english... can u be of help?


Download a translator app to your phone.

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