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Hi everyone

A few months ago I began suffering from hives during the early morning and sometimes at night, it was itchy welts that were becoming a real nuisance, I tried everything from allergy shots and steroids (which worked for a month) to various antihistamines (which worked for a day). I dont normally post but I hope this can help someone they way it helped me. After reading many of the posts that recommended cooling the body, I realised that one source of allergies could be a change in temperature. I live in the southern hemisphere so its now winter for us and i noticed that the hives were the worst early morning when its coldest. So i thought to grab as many blankets as I could and bundled myself up. As soon as my body temperature normalised all my hives went away!!! Perhaps it could be worth checking out: perhaps depending on what the longest season in your region is.

Sorry for the long post, i wanted to try and be as clear as possible. Hope this post helps some one, God bless and may we get cured. :)

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