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Pat Hickey

Treat with Mycil oinment such as for Athletes Foot use it very sparingly.Cut a small strip of cotton wool and put it on after the oinment this keeps the cheeks of the backside from rubbing against each other and helps to stop the friction.When the itch eases get a tube of Kenacomb oinment make sure they dont try to sell you cream as this wont work as it soaks into the skin and dries and cause an irritation. I have been on this for three months after trying everything else and I am having great results contact me at

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I pretty much swear by lemon juice. Not the kind in the btotle, fresh squeezed. Just take a q-tip and swab lemon juice on the marks. Ten minutes a day should do it (although I leave it on overnight) and they'll fade. I've been doing it for two weeks now and I don't have to wear makeup to cover them! Try it, and don't waste money on crappy products like I did. Good luck!

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