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Your sexual partner could have a yeast infection though males show no symptoms. Have him take antibiotics (all of the medicine) to cure it. If he refuses, tell him to get tested. I promise they will opt for the pills vs the stick with cotton insertion.

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Antibiotics don't kill yeast. In fact, taking antibiotics is often what brings on a bad yeast infection because they kill all the 'good critters' that keep the yeast in check!


I agree--yeast is a fungus, not helped by antibiotics. What he should use is clotrimazole (athlete's foot cream, super cheap) twice a day for 2 weeks to totally clear up his infection. Try to avoid rubbing the skin during the healing process. My partner and I deal with this issue a lot, but the cream helps us a lot.


So, is it normal to have little sores if you have a yeast infection? I think I have a yeast infection,and it sucks quite a lot... I have all of the symptoms, but I don't think I've seen anywhere say that sores are involved. If they aren't, does that mean that I have something else?
Please help!

Im really scared.

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