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Sorry if I spelled something wrong or left something out!! Do READ this whole entry!!!
Do stick to a routine!!! I hope this works for you!!
If you have a parent with clear skin and a parent with moderate to severe acne, chances are you will have SEVERE ACNE!
My Mom has beautiful skin my dad have a few spots, and I have BAD SKIN!
Every pore is a blackhead on my face!

There is nothing you can do to get rid of acne forever. Those who say that a natural remedy cleared their face, may only have moderate acne. Or the cause is in their heath, diet, or other problems.
My acne is GENETIC. Not even Proactiv, over the counter, or prescription medicines will help. Your hair on your skin is suppose to help dirt and oil slide down the hair strand through sweating. (Hope thats easy to understand)The hair on your face is the same. Each hair has a follicle, on the face the follicle is a pore. Your sweat canal carries the oil to the correct gland to prepare to secrete the oil through the hairs in through your pores. You get bumps when the oil rupture in the canal that carries it. It turns red and get big because your skin's natural defense kicks in to fight the oil rupture. Puss is a result of a rupture. Blackheads are the result of a blocked canal that got to the service but didnt secrete properly. The black tip is from the oil mixing with the oxygen on the surface and it hardens.
Your skin may does not secrete oil properly.
Do ALL of the over the counter medicines detroy your face upon contact? Do you see more bumps when you sweat or where a hat, or hair in your face? Yeap you may have my problem. Do you have a few clear days then all of a sudden volcanoes appear no matter what you use?
That's because oil is not finding a way to escape through daily sweating and etc.
SOME acne is cause by a hormone(I forget the name)and or your skins inability to secrete oil. You have to approach this logically. You either give yourself artificial hormones-birth control pills, etc. or you find a way to stop your body from secreting so much oil! This is why some people say that DIET can help. (Im too grown and skinny for a DIET!)
When your liver and spleen can not convert toxins fast enough, they send the toxins to the largest defense organ of the body. The SKIN. When you sweat all these toxins have to come out,water help break all toxins down! The more water you drink the clearer your urine, the same goes for your skin.
Well here is a way to see fewer bumps over two weeks.

Do use: The cleanser,scrub, astringent, and moisterizer is a vital routine for a clearer face. I do not use any medications other than proactive-it doesnt work, but I bought it and it doesnt cause more damage.
-IF you use a medication dont mix with other medications-only mix with natural remedies(burdock root, tea tree oil, pure vitamin E, orange peel, cucumber,sntioxidants,etc.)
-Do steam your face, the steam will cause your face to sweat, secreting the oil natural through the pores,THEN
-Do use your cleaner/scrub. Make your cleaner a scrub by adding ground Nut Meg(This will take off that dirty layer that is is holding the oil in, your blemishes may lighten,I sometimes add milk or honey for a scrub that leave your skin soft and smooth afterwards, if you want leave it on for 20min)
- After you clean/scrub use your medicated astringent or natural ways to remove oil from your skin. Lemon juice, witch hazel, tea tree oil etc. (Removing oil will make your face over secrete oil, I normally let my antibacteria soap or honey and nut meg scrub stay on my face while Im sitting around the house. My face is used to it now and it doesnt secrete as MUCH oil, its getting tamed a little!Plus I have oily skin.
- I put tea tree oil on my open bumps that I may bust or if they bust when I use my scrub. I do squeeze my bumps. Im guilty! But if you dry out the bump first with toothpaste it decreases the puss and the bump surface area, then I lightly squeeze the puss out. Try to minimize the size of the hole you make, and then work on cleaning the bacteria from the area with tea tree oil. Make sure if you squeeze a bump get ALL of the puss out. You should see water or red blood, not hte yellowish blood. Then hel the scar and dont peal the scar, let the scrub work on the scar. Some people never pick at their face, but if you do, clean your hands and clean the area you pick at, and dont squeeze it hard and make a big splash. You are creating a bigger hole than you have to. Just barely pinch it. Or dont pick at all! Dry it out and let the puss fade back into the skin. It will still make a dark mark. Thats why I save the time and bring it to a head and pop it.

I cut and pasted this from some where else. It is pretty logical. (I added some explanation from my point of view.)

1. Drink a WATER before, during and after each meal. Remove those toxins from the inside!

2. DO NOT drink any carbonated drink or coke.
This is the one of the biggest causes of Acne

3. DO NOT eat alot of Trans Fatty Acid foods Pizza, Fast Food etc.

4. Change your pillow case every other day.( I am sooo lazy, but I add my pillow case whenever I washed anything, and I now the sides of my face dont break out any more)
Dirt can easily get into your pillow so change it every other day.

5. Try not to touch your face a lot.
When you touch your face you can sometimes spread dirt to your face.(True)

6. Wash you face.(Over washing can cause the skin to secrete more oil to replace the oil that is drawn out, I normally lather dial antibacteria soap on my face and keep it on while Im in the house)
Wash you face in the morning with soap and then your Acne pads, cleanser etc. Then wash your face at night but DO NOT use the Acne cleanser.

7. Kept your hair Clean.
When you have dirty hair you will get a lot of acne around the ears and forehead.(true, I just never wear bangs, bumps will come!)

8. Try not to look at your face.
When you look at your face it couldn't have gotten worse and then you would feel down because you've worked so hard at trying to get it acne free.( true, I guess, but Im constanly in the mirror)

9. Use a clean towel to wash your face and pad it dry don't rub.( I never use a rag, I clean my hands/nails with anti bacteria soap)

10. Set Goals
This is the best one. Set a goal say like you'll see improvement in 2 weeks and stick to that. Make sure you follow the steps-(Stick to YOUR routine)

11. Don't Stress over your Acne
It’s proven that if you stress is a leading cause of Acne. So just set back and give yourself some time.

12. Get Vitamin E oil and run it on your face. It heals the face and all your scars.(True, but slowly!!Use that Nut Meg scrub!!)

Oh and if your looking for a Acne Cleanser I would recommnd Oxy Pads or Clearsal.-(NEVER!!! These things break me out- I use Dial antibac soap/nut meg and honey for cleanser/srcub, I alternate between lemon juice, egg white, tea tree oil, slice of patato or witch hazel for astringents, and to add moisture a lite layer of vitamin E oil(the kind I bought is thick)or rub a slice of cucumber,or a THIN layer of your daily moisturizer.

If you just stick to these steps and make goals it may help you. But do realize that it will never go away. I it may calm down, but if you break your routine it may come back. Don't put alot of different acids or chemiicals on your face. Go with using a slice of potato, lemon, cucumber. They have natural acids!

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I just wanted to say that what works for one person may or may not work for another person. A huge part of finding an acne solution is to experiment, as in try finding the right type of products for your face (for instance, sensitive skin types shouldn't be using harsh scrubs). My advice for anyone would be to:

Reduce oil production, or find a way to absorb and keep all that oil off your face (blotting papers), exfoliate (either with a gentle scrub or salicylic acid), and keep bacteria off your skin (benzoyl peroxide).

Be gentle on your skin. Try not to wash more than twice a day unless you've been exercising and/or there's a lot of sweat on your face. Even when washing, use a mild cleanser with not a lot of pore-clogging ingredients.

It's not really acne that's genetic, it's the skin type. A lot of people with acne are also suffering from oily or combination skin, which may lead to clogged pores--> thus, acne. So try to keep your pores as clear as possible.

I'm currently using salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide 5% and it's been working for me. I'd recommend using the purest formulas available (I use Paula's Choice).

And just so you know, harsh soaps or cleansers and alcohol shouldn't be used on the skin.

I wish everyone the best of luck! Keep your head up and try not to be discouraged. True beauty comes from within.


I've had pretty bad acne for the past 10 years and I agree it's important to do lots of experimenting to find what works for yourself.

Here are some things that I've found that have helped.
* Don't scratch or pick. Basically do your best to not touch your face. My acne tends to be worst in the areas that I scratch at thoughtlessly during the day.
* Change your pillow case and towel at least every other day, every day if you can afford the laundry bill.
* Keep your showers under 5 minutes and use warm instead of hot water. I used to take 15 minute scalding hot showers and I have a feeling that dried out my skin out and aggravated the problem.
* Don't use bar soap, use something mild and non clogging. I like to have a 10 min to 1 hour honey facial before i jump in the shower. Been doing this for a month and the results have been amazing.
* Shave carefully with the grain in as few strokes as possible. Skip a day or two when possible to give your skin a rest. Shaving seems to do a lot of damage.
* The sun can be your worst enemy. don't get into tanning or standing out in the noon time sun. Moisturize to protect against dry air.


U have a really big post!! But lot of helpful tips. I also suggest not using Dial soap at all I feel it is too dry for my body too- never on my face! And Proactiv could work better with longer use. I have been using it for more than a yr now and it did worsen and dry out at first. But then when I resumed it was great and helped control break out. Tea tree oil sounds great Ill try some for sure. You should be really careful about your skin something that dries or scars it is bad....u may not feel anything now but u'll surely do in some number of yrs. Diet and exercise are the best option and will change the way you feel abt ur skin. Hey good luck!


you know u could also use non-toxic washable elmers glue for a face mask...I use d it once a week it works great and is ALOT cheaper than buying those face stripes that are so small. just apply to face, I would say a lil thick so when u peel it dosent rip. let it dry and just peel off!!!!

works great ;)


okey pokey then wat ever u say there....i have really bad acne and im willing to try anything at tha moment now!!

Laughing Child

wow, thanks for the explanation. I read most of it, but I started going numb after a while. Thanks for the tips too. Good advice. :)


Actually, I read an article in cosmo that said anything you eat doesn't have direct relation with your skin (except for water...water is good). so really, in theory someone can eat as many trans fats as they want (DON'T!ITS AWFUL!) and still have good skin.
plus: what is 'a water'?


hm. how old are you? because you had a lot of things wrong, and it wasn't just your spelling. Like for example, its not the acne itself that would be genetic, the thing that might make it genetic is maybe hormones. so, don't just throw shit out like that... you might give other people ideas that aren't true.


I never had bad skin, but for somes reason now my skin breaks out bad leaving all kinds of spots. My brother uses witchhazel and he has beautiful skin so he suggested i used it and it worked.


I also found that using LAVA soap it works really well for me

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