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Drink a glass of metamucil at night.
Drink 2-3 glasses hot water in the morning.
1. Lie flat on the ground on your back. While inhaling, lift your left foot towards your chest very slowly.
2. Hold your foot to your chest with your hands for 10 seconds (hold your breath).
3. Slowly release the foot while exhaling.
4. Repeat steps 1-2 with the other foot.
You will keep passing gas while doing the above. Keep doing steps 1-4 until the pressure builds up.

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Amazing, worked instantly and i hadnt went in a week. I didnt even take the metamucil.


I tried it with out the fiber or water and it worked instantly for me as well !!


Extraordinary! 10 minutes after drinking the hot water and performing the exercise I had a result. Thank you. London UK.


are you suposed to put your knee or foot to your chest. I am having a hard time picturing it.


how do you put your foot to your chest


My 10 year old was very constipated and we tried this without the metamusil. It worked like a charm. Great results

michael woods

pray tell me wizard. how do you bring the foot to the chest. it is attached to the ankle. please explain more clearly. i await with bated breath your reply


I have IBS and i take metamucil everyday, along with a glass of hot water and kelp caplets to keep myself regular, and its been 8 days since i last went to that bathroom because my IBS is acting up, But trying this exercise after the hot water and also increasing the hot water intake caused movement, i had to repeat the steps several times but i did see results, it also got rid of my migrain:)


Thank you so much for this post! I was in tremendous pain and couldnt figure out how to make it go away... so I gave this a shot and it worked with in a few minutes! Thank you again for posting this!


been waiting a week for some kind of relief, this worked in about 10-15 minutes.

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