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WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY!! people want to torture others for head lice i feel sorry for these kids out there head lice is not that difficult people to get rid of..there was a report on the news how a dr was charging $200 a treatment to get rid of head lice and tried to get a patent on his treatment. the bad thing about it was all he used was cetaphil skin cleanser.
is that so can buy it about anywhere its what they use in nursing homes on patients all the time and i believe its been used on patients in hospitals too...dont use
diesel or kerosene there is so many easier uses forget those perscriptions they didnt work when i needed them..

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Wow....well, we did try that. It kills a few, but they just keep hatching. I think there are so many different types of lice & so many different hair types...different things work for different folks.


I have 4 kids and am going throught this for the 4th time. Lady...IT AIN'T THAT EASY!!! The first time when my son, now 18, was in 1st grade it was fairly easy to get rid of. 2 boys. At the time I thought it was torture. Then my youngest daughter got it in preschool. It took from Dec to May to get rid of it. Over the counter stuff didn't work used the vasoline method. That worked but we were greasy for 2 solid weeks. Then my teenage daughter got it last summer. Again it took months to get rid of it. Cetaphil didn't work. We finally got rid of it around Thanksgiving. Now its May and ITS BACK. So don't tell me how easy it is to get rid of it.


WOW!!I can't believe you would think people are out to hurt their own children.Like they want their children to get head lice.My 9-year kept getting it.I have used everything to get rid of it.The only thing I have found is Tee Tree Oil.It kills it and keeps it away.I would never do any-thing to hurt my daughter.So that is wrong for you to think that.


We love our kids thats why we are willing to try anything , so please dont judge is easy for u to say that , i dont know if u have kids or not but what really hurts is to see your child scratching their head until they bleed !

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