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eating lots of apples especially after a meal really helped whiten my teeth

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i tried this and ate lots of apples and it helped, thanxs alot

apple friend

dear apple person, i tried this 'theory' and it worked surprisingly well. it took about two weeks for a difference to show but i was very pleased with results and i really think that the two weeks it took was worth waiting for.
from apple friend.


thanks career point :)


how many apples we talking here? in a day week?


this is a bullshit theory
i eat apples on a daily basis and i can safely say my teeth show any new signs of whitening.


Ok, so after all these apples can you now give me the natural cure for chronic diarreah that I'm gonna ned?


i think its awsome that ur giving ppl advice nd stuff dont get me wrong but doesnt apples have like acids in them that cud weaken your enamal of ur tooth???


i eat apples ALOT and my teeth are really white. its amazing really bacause three years ago i got my braces off and my teeth had stains on them, but i eat apples alot because i am skinny and i have a slow metabolism so i gain wieght easily and they curb my appetite after a meal. plus not to mention the great white teeth they gave me lol:)


I'm not sure about the acid in the apples but I do know that chewing apples is a close simulation of brushing your teeth. The soft bits of the apple rub between your teeth and gums - this helps remove anything stuck on them you ate previously.

Ever notice how you don't pick your teeth for apple as much as other foods?


Never eat fruit after a meal, unless you want to gain weight. eat it 2 hours before a meal!!

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