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I used to have really yellow teeth from drinking so much coca-cola. I bought teeth whitening stuff from stores, but they wouldn't work. I looked on the ingrediants to see what was in it, and I saw hydrogen peroxide. So I took a swig of hydrogen peroxide, and swirled it around my mouth, (just like mouthwash) and left it in for a minute. I saw a difference in just 2 days!

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lmfao duct tape your lips back..haha


umm peeps, using peroxide in your mouth too often leads to CANCER OF THE MOUTH, I have been told from a dental surgeon. Plz do not use it. baking soda is just too harsh for the enamals, and straberries, orange peels, anything natural can't be that bad. just high in sugars so be quite certain to brush carefully afterwards!!!


Kandisse, your a dumbass... of course your dental surgeon told you not to use those things. HE WANTS YOUR TEETH TO ROT!! So he can do more surgery on your teeth, and make more MONEY off of you! You RETARD!!!

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