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I used to have really yellow teeth from drinking so much coca-cola. I bought teeth whitening stuff from stores, but they wouldn't work. I looked on the ingrediants to see what was in it, and I saw hydrogen peroxide. So I took a swig of hydrogen peroxide, and swirled it around my mouth, (just like mouthwash) and left it in for a minute. I saw a difference in just 2 days!

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are you f'n kidding me? black boot polish come on.keep in mind that ppl actually try these remidies. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL SOME ONE. OMG GET A LIFE.


Baking soda mixed with a bit of water................ then brush your teeth with it. trust me works like a charm.

note: do not swallow. :-)


i have an idea how about try brushing ur fuckin teeth


Dont know about shoe polish on teeth!...sounds crazy, but toothpaste on shoes works a charm.


I think you are all crazy!!! Boot polish??? that will kill someone you retard! also, peroxide says on the bottle, not to be used internally... you are all nuts... go to a dentist if you want your teeth to get whiter!


Okay. Boot polish? The point of a home remedy to be able to use less harmful ingredients, to be more 'natural'. Why would you use boot polish? What would the benefit be? You might as well use any one of the many, new, teeth whitening products on the market. And they're safe to put in your mouth, whereas boot polish is not. Besides, it's just disgusting. I would not want to kiss someone who uses boot polish, it would gross me out.


that shoe polish one was mean...not funny...


im coming to the party...and bringing the shoe polish


Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide is foolish. Do a little bit of research and you'll find out how bad it is for you. I wears down the enamel in your teeth. It will also bleach your gums.

DR. PEARL, d.d.s.

Dont use the paste type shoe polish, use the liquid kind for tennis shoes. Just duct tape your lips back so the polish can dry.

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