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Trigger points in the Temporalis, Masseter, Digastric or Buccinator can cause toothache! Mastr. & Bucc. are those jaw muscles between the mouth & ear - Dig. is under the jaw - Temp. starts at the hairline about eye-level curving a bit to just over your ear. Some massage with your fingers to each of these muscles for 15 seconds or more will relieve your pain if they are causing it. Usually you will be able to tell right away just at the touch - you'll find that the muscle is tight & hurts when you didn't even realize they were! 2 of my friends' tooth pain was alieviated this way! 1 had been to the Dentist AND Doctor - & they couldn't fix it! Get the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies - its very easy to understand & you can fix your pains yourself!

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Correction to my previous was under my jaw, not my neck!


this worked for me! fantastic! I had already swished warm salt water, and put a SMALL cotton ball soaed in peppermint extract on the tooth (use a small piece of cotton so it doesn't touch your gum so much), but the massage took ALL the pain away. It's great to know I can do this in the night if I wake up... going back to bed now... thank you for posting this.


Unbelievable how quick it worked. I was turning into a Motrin addict.


wow. it just worked for me. who knew...

kae [fiji]

i cant beliv it! this actually works!! when i read through it i went 'wth?' but then i tried it cos the pain was really unbearable and i hvnt eaten or slept in two days. tried everyting frm alcohol to garglin hot salt water. thanx for the help!


We tried this and it worked - Many thanks!!!!


i have a toothache have tryed the tooth numbing stuff didn't help much it is a throbbing pain and it is 10;50 at night don't know what else to do i am in so much pain

Bryan M

I had two broken wisdom teeth a few years ago that I had to have pulled. Im a sissy when it comes to the dentist so I put it off as long as possible. I couldnt find anything that helped, except a combination of Orajel, Vicks throat spray and ice. That only worked for a short time. And the Orajel tends to make me kinda sick after a while. Now Im sitting here, once again, with the left side of my face throbbing with pain. I see these remedies and realize I dont have anything in my fridge or medicine cabinet that could help, so I tried the massage. I massaged the muscle under my jaw for about 15 seconds...PAIN GONE!!! I have been repeating as necessary for about 15 minutes now and its working like a charm...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


As the others have commented, THIS REALLY DOES WORK!! Thank you so much! I have had this pain in both sides for a week....the second i started feeling around i noticed knots in the muscles on both sides. I only massaged for a cpl minutes and the pain is GONE! THANKS AGAIN!!!<3

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