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Trigger points in the Temporalis, Masseter, Digastric or Buccinator can cause toothache! Mastr. & Bucc. are those jaw muscles between the mouth & ear - Dig. is under the jaw - Temp. starts at the hairline about eye-level curving a bit to just over your ear. Some massage with your fingers to each of these muscles for 15 seconds or more will relieve your pain if they are causing it. Usually you will be able to tell right away just at the touch - you'll find that the muscle is tight & hurts when you didn't even realize they were! 2 of my friends' tooth pain was alieviated this way! 1 had been to the Dentist AND Doctor - & they couldn't fix it! Get the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies - its very easy to understand & you can fix your pains yourself!

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I can attest to this being true, I recently had massive tooth pain all along one side of my mouth and thought I was in for a major round of nasty dental work. The pain didn't follow the profile however of a previous infection I once had (thankfully resolved with antibiotics) ie. there was no shooting pain or throbbing when the teeth were tapped on. This led to my exploring other causes and ultimately massaging my jaw muscles. Like magic the pain which had been continuous for a day or so abated. Ultimately I had to continue massaging the muscles regularly for several days until they relaxed more permanently but it was definitley the cause of the pain.


WOW! Reading the treatment was actually comical until I tried it! I couldn't believe that it worked so fast. I too have had an abcessed tooth before. This pain was similar, but without the throbbing.


this worked very well for me
i just googled tooth pain due to a bad tooth. My DR cant see me for a few days so he called in some medication for me. But Im at work and do not have time to get it until tonight
Bottom line here is
I feel great right now
Three days of ear and jaw pain along with the tooth (went from a 9.5 pain to a 0.5 )
Thanks for the info
It works great


Truly amazing!
I can't get into the dentist for four more days and was about ready to od on excedrin! My tooth, head and jaw hurt so bad. I googled toothache remedies and have read thru all 4 pages posted here. This is the first thing I tried - figured I would do this while looking at all of the other remedies. My pain went from INSANE to zilch in 15 minutes. THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!!!!!! :)


My rating for this remedy is 10. Half of my back molar is off, and even tho Hydrogen Peroxide and salt water rinses and extract of citrus did their thing, the pain was there...frustrating beyond belief. I thought, by the feel of my lymph nodes, that I had an infection. No. After about 5 minutes, on all 4 areas of jaw muscle contraction, the tooth no longer aches. It has been days. The knot in the muscle felt like a swollen gland. So....thanks. I am still in dire need of a dentist, but I will sleep tonight. As a matter of fact, the only pain I have now is from all the scrubbing, poking and grinding the poor gums have been through. The pulp no longer aches at all, not a bit...omg!!!!


Thanx a ton!!!! Now I can go back to bed.


It plain and simply WORKS!


Thank you very much!!!!!! It worked great! NO PILLS have been helping at all. But this helped!!! THANK YOU! I can sleep now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was about ready to go to the emergency room when I saw this, so I started rubbing around my ear...pain gone, at least for a bit, and I could get back to sleep


I nearly blew past this remedy, but then I remebered how my massage therapist fixed my intensely painful back problem by working a tendon in my neck! So, I decided to give it a shot.

I immediately noticed that the muscle under my neck was knotted up. My toothache eased with the first touch and continued to fade with massage. I have massaged for 5 minutes or so now...the pain isn't gone, but I'm no longer considering a trip to the ER! Thanks for the post!

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