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Take psyllium and water to cleanse the colon and alleviate constipation.

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Constipation? There is no constipation with Ulcerative Colitis. Just the opposite.


Psyllium will still work, for constipation or diarrhea. It normalizes the entire intestinal tract if you take enough of it and drink plenty of water with it. Don't listen to doctors when they tell you to stay away from fiber while you have colitis - the exact opposite is true. You absolutely need fiber and need to have a healthy colon in order to heal from colitis.


some people do present with constipation when diagnosed with UC. That's my experience.


I take pysllium everyday. It helps with diarhea because it bulks up the stool and it causes you to go less frequently. I am currently experiencing a flare up and I go to the washroom no more than twice a day because of the pysllium. Take it!! U won't regret it.


I have had UC for 21 years. I have constipation with most of my flare ups. It is the most miserable feeling and it makes you gain weight.


It is possible to have constipation with UC. Psyllium is so good for regulating the bowel. As long as there are not any blockages or strictures in the bowels. I'm on a yeast buster diet and mix in calendula and capriol liquid and bentonite liquid. They help to kill yeast bacteria (candida) and also to help reduce inflammation and heal the bowel. Follow a yeast and sugar free diet (which is proving very hard).

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