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The Sternocleidomastoid muscle - that diagonal muscle on the front of your neck - can cause vertigo when tight from stress or overwork. A friend of mine had been to the doctor for a prescription that wasn't working - I massaged her SCM and the vertigo went away completely. It didn't return for quite a while - a little massage & it went away again! Try to get the book: The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies - I got this book & it's GREAT! It's helped me SO much! Alot of problems that we wouldn't expect to be caused by tight muscles are!

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OH!!! That makes sense! I did some strenuous yard work and two days later had vertigo, the muscle thing makes sense because I know I strained my neck.


i have had 2 brain tumors removed -i have menieres deise now- total vertigo, i paid cash for a food allergy test 3000 foods i cant eat- lead strait to vertigo if i consume them, i have been eating wrong am vertigo again, & am seeking a natural remedy does anyone know of one? if u r vertigo , have blurred vision constipated yeah don't laugh, a sudden maybe one huge ass migraine , weight gain or loss fatigue Kinda like the flu all the time feeling you may have a tumor i fought 6 mo w/ drs & finally a mri was given to find one of the largest pituitary brain tumors at my age back then ! so vertigo is a very like Neuro side affect of something stemmed in the brain ! I know I had 2 & radiation on 2nd , but now i know food can be the major #1 cause in all your spinning! am a single mom, and it is not fun, looking for a home remedy anyone can you help?, i am crystal & willing to help anyone out there, oh also missed periods way huge sign, lactating? not breast feeding another MAJOR sign of brain tumors 15 yrs later i am really read up on the brain crap, but this just hit for the first time in a long time looking for help please crystal campbell!


Hi, i'd downloaded the ebook, but i can't find which method you had used, i had been diagnosed with BPPV recently, please help..thank you..


Omg, i just messaged that neck muscle myself after searching on the internet finding out exactly what u meant and feeling much better already. Hoping my head spinning and blurred vision days are over. Thanking you for your advise from the bottom of my heart.


I have found that a few drops of Rubbing alcohol in each ear one at a time let set a few sec.rub behind ear turn over on side let drain, do other ear as the other ear is draining. BE SURE TO PLACE PAPER TOWEL OR TOWEL between your eyes making sure when you turn over you are holding it on the ear.

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