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Chest Congestion
The sweetness of your breath may suffer, but eating a plate of curried, sauteed onions on rice can really loosen congestion in your chest. Lightly saute two onions, sliced, and at least 1 teaspoon of curry powder in 2 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil until the onions are soft. Onions contain quercetin and sulfur, two plant compounds that break up mucus and increase circulation, explains Orlarsch. Curry also loosens phlegm.

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I tried this last night for my full blown out deep chest/head cold only knowing that I wasn't going to like the taste very much by itself, I added other home remedy ingredients to enhance not only the flavor but hopefully the benefits as well. I added 2-3 cloves chopped garlic, juice from half of a lemon, drizzled honey over it, sprinkled cayenne pepper over it and then ate it with the rice. The taste was now bearable and the next morning I felt 50% better and like everything had loosened up. My chest no longer hurt when I had to cough and when I did cough plem came up easily.

Day 2
Decided to turn this into a dish, so on top of everything else I added last night, today I also sauteed chicken breast, bell peppers, tomatoes, and sprinkled ginger powder over it all. The secret to make this taste good is to use enough honey and lemon that it balances all the spices. It then tastes like some sort of indian dish. Shortly after eating my new recipe, I swear I felt 98% better. Don't feel any congestion. I can breathe. And I feel like I'm almost back to normal. This one is definitely going in my recipe book as get well chicken. Thanks to whoever posted the onions & curry. You led me to an extraordinary recipe that my hubby and I will enjoy even when we are not sick. :) xoxox


Awesome, I just grilled the onions with curry on them.

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